ServiceLedger Services

Our service department is dedicated to helping you get the most out of your investment in our software solutions. Our standard services can help you make the most of our software as-is, while custom services can help you migrate existing data into ServiceLedger, integrate ServiceLedger with existing applications, customize ServiceLedger to better meet your needs and requirements, provide custom reporting and provide custom training for you or your employees specific to your processes, procedures and workflow.

Custom services give you the peace of mind in knowing that you will never outgrow ServiceLedger. Regardless of your current size, ServiceLedger Custom Services is always here to help you maximize your investment by customizing your solution around your unique needs and requirements and building a system that better matches your existing or changing workflow, processes and procedures.

Standard Services Summary

Fixed Services

ServiceLedger provides a variety of fixed services for a fixed fee.

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ServiceLedger Consulting

Consulting allows an integration expert to work directly with your team to define your existing process and map out how you will accomplish the same processes in ServiceLedger, or design new processes that will better take advantage of your new investment. This service allows us to better understand your business and processes and provide you with consulting and training on how ServiceLedger can best be adapted to your organization. Typically the most important service our consultants provide, process mapping, can be done within one to four hours. Process mapping can be done remotely or onsite.

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Custom Services Summary

ServiceLedger Custom Training

Custom training allows us to work one on one with your team and provide you with personalized custom training based upon your training needs and requirements. Custom training can be performed remotely or onsite. Typically Custom Training is performed between 2 hours up to several days depending upon your training needs.

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ServiceLedger Custom Reports

Custom reporting lets you work with your team to define your reporting needs and have us either modify or create new reports based upon your needs. Custom reports are some of the easiest and most affordable services we offer.

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ServiceLedger Custom Data Imports & Conversions

If you have existing data in another system and need assistance in importing the data into ServiceLedger our custom services group can assist you in reviewing the data, mapping the data into ServiceLedger and writing the data maps necessary to allow you to import the data. Data imports and conversion services range from simple to complex depending upon your data, how it is stored and how many data tables in ServiceLedger it will be imported into. Typically, a data import can range from four hours to a week per data file depending upon the data.

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ServiceLedger Customizations & Custom Software

ServiceLedger customizations are for customers who request new features or functionality to be added to ServiceLedger. Customizations require a solid understanding and knowledge of your needs and expectations in advance so that an accurate quote can be generated for your review. Customization requests require a conference discussion that usually last between an hour up to four hours to review and discuss your customizations in more detail. A detailed specification is then provided with a fixed estimate of cost for you to review. Conference discussions are billed at $100 per hour and are non-refundable.

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