ServiceLedger Consulting & Process Mapping Services

ServiceLedger onsulting & Process Mapping Services is a unique service where we work with your team on how best to understand your needs and map out your processes within ServiceLedger.  It is a perfect service to allow you to understand how ServiceLedger can better adapt to your specific needs, requirements and processes.  It is also an excellent way to review customization requests to ensure that all parties are in agreement on the needs and expectations of any customization request before they are quoted and performed.

Want to know how ServiceLedger can be adapted to your organization? 

You have ServiceLedger and now you are trying to adapt it to your organization.  Purchasing an hour or two of process mapping services is an excellent way for you to review your needs and requirements with a ServiceLedger Expert and find out solutions on how ServiceLedger can best be adapted to your needs and processes.  You simply provide us with your needs in a remote conference and then a ServiceLedger Expert will provide you with a solution on how you can best accomplish your needs with ServiceLedger. 

What is the rate for consulting services? 

ServiceLedger Consulting Services is one of our more affordable services billing at a rate of $100.00 per hour.  You will be working with a ServiceLedger Expert trained in listening to your needs and providing you with a solution.