ServiceLedger Custom Import Services

ServiceLedger Custom Import Services is an excellent service allowing ServiceLedger to assist you in importing your existing data out of your existing system into ServiceLedger. In many cases, all of your existing data can be imported into ServiceLedger effortlessly using our standard build-in import maps. Examples include customer and item lists where the information is relatively straight-forward. More complicated imports involve transactional imports where you require history to be imported where no existing map exist.

What is ServiceLedger Custom Import Services?

It is a custom service that allows ServiceLedger to take your existing data and import it directly into ServiceLedger by developing a data import map specific to your data. In many cases we may already have existing maps that can be re-used with a little tweaking allowing us to save you time and money in the process.

What do you require to provide an estimate on an import?

A data file in either .CSV or .XLS (Excel) format is preferred. You can contact ServiceLedger for instructions of where to send it or how to upload it.

What are the custom training rates?

Custom import rates are $150 per hour.