ServiceLedger Custom Reporting Services

ServiceLedger Custom Reporting Services is provided to help you build on your ServiceLedger reporting needs.  We can assist you in modifying any existing report, create any new report and provide any parameters necessary to allow you to slice and dice the information the way you require.

What is ServiceLedger Custom Reporting Services? 

ServiceLedger understands that each customer has different reporting needs.  Generic and canned reports may provide you most of what you are looking for, but from time to time you may want to see the reporting information expanded or even need a new report entirely.  ServiceLedger Custom Reports can help you with either the modification or creation of new reports.

Can I modify or create new reports myself with ServiceLedger? 

Yes, with a license of Crystal Reports Professional you can modify or create your own reports.  Crystal Reports is a powerful and robust report writer and you will find many resources available to you on how to modify or create new reports using Crystal Reports at your local bookstore or online.

What do you require to provide a quote on custom reports? 

A mock up of the report you require is suggested with all relevant information and fields you are wanting to report on.  If there is an existing report that has most of the information and you just need to modify it, then a print out of the existing report with a mock up of changes is sufficient.  If you have any existing reports from an existing system and can email or fax them to us that is sufficient as well.  A short telephone conference may be necessary to better understand what you are wanting to accomplish.

What are the custom reporting rates? 

Custom reporting rates are $100 per hour.