ServiceLedger Customization Services

Custom Software Solutions to Meet Your Company's Needs

ServiceLedger Customization Services provides you with the peace of mind that you can grow with ServiceLedger by having ServiceLedger customize ServiceLedger to meet your ever changing needs and requirements.  Since customizations involve modification or alteration of the base source code of ServiceLedger, it is required that you meet some minimal requirements before you consider customizations.  Customizations can be expensive and long-term support and upgrade costs can be increased as a result of customizations, so customizations should only be requested if the customization itself justifies the cost of the customization.

What is ServiceLedger Customization Services? 

Customization services allows ServiceLedger to modify or alter the base source code of ServiceLedger to meet any specific needs or requirements you may have.  Customizations are generally only needed for customers that have some unique need or process they would like to incorporate into ServiceLedger. 

What are the customization rates? 

Customization rates are $150 per hour or flat fee with fixed estimates.

What is the customization request process? 

Our goal is to completely understand your needs and expectations on any customization request before we quote the work or perform the work.  That is why customization requests have a more formal process designed to ensure that your needs and expectations are met.  Unfortunately, we are not able to deviate from this process to ensure success with all customization projects we implement.

  1. You submit your customization request with as much detailed information as you can provide about what you are wanting and expecting from the customization request.
  2. A developer will review your customization request and will provide you with a rough, ballpark estimate for your immediate consideration.
  3. If your budget is in range with the ballpark estimate, a quote will be sent to you for a Customization Conference Call that can last between an hour up to four hours to discuss the customization in detail.  This call is billable at $100 per hour.  The purpose of this call is to discuss the customization in detail and understand your needs and expectations completely.
  4. Specifications are sent to you specifying exactly what ServiceLedger will be performing.
  5. After your acceptance of the specifications, a fixed quote is created for your acceptance.
  6. The timeline for deploying customizations will be provided in the fixed quote, but usually within 2 - 4 weeks.