ServiceLedger Custom Training Services

ServiceLedger Custom Training Services is an excellent way for you to receive custom training on ServiceLedger. Custom training services can be performed remotely or onsite, depending upon your budget, and provide you with personalized training and consulting specific to your needs and requirements.

What is ServiceLedger Custom Training Services?

ServiceLedger provides a wealth of training videos, documentation, etc. for your training needs at no charge. Custom training builds on that knowledge and allows you to work with a ServiceLedger Expert to receive personalized training for your organization.

Can I use the free training resources in conjunction with custom training?

Absolutely, and it is recommended to keep your training costs minimal. Our recommendation is you use all of the free training resources available to you and put together a list of questions that you need additional assistance on and just use custom training to address your specific needs.

What are the custom training rates?

Our Custom Training rate is $125 per hour. A 5-hour block of training time can be purchased for $400.