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Since 1998, ServiceLedger has established itself as the standard in service management software solutions for small to medium-sized service organizations. Our proven solutions have helped thousands of companies increase revenue, decrease costs and improve profitability by streamlining their operation, identifying revenue opportunities, recognizing hidden costs, and improving the overall health and viability of their organization.

Key Capabilities

Customer History & Contact Management (CRM)

ServiceLedger offers comprehensive contact management and customer history reporting, giving you instant access to complete contact information and history. Track unlimited locations and contacts per customer, view customers' entire history, including service, invoices, payments and more, and even manage quotes and define customer pricing or price levels.

Service & Job Scheduling

ServiceLedger offers very powerful and flexible scheduling tools, allowing you to schedule your jobs the way you want to. Our integrated scheduling calendar components allow you to schedule by day, week, or month using either a non-timed view, time slot view, or a specific time view. With its drag and drop capability, you can easily drag and drop jobs from one resource to another, copy and paste jobs to resources if you need to add additional resources on the job, and automatically roll over uncompleted jobs to a future date.

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Service Dispatch Management

ServiceLedger offers robust dispatching management, allowing you to easily dispatch your resources. Using our dispatching tools, you will quickly know where your resources are at at any given time, what jobs they have completed, and what jobs are left to be done. Notifications will update you if a resource is in danger of missing an appointment, allowing you to quickly find another resource to meet your schedule commitment to your customer. All dispatches can be performed by email or text message allowing you to quickly update dispatches throughout the day and notify your resources of any new jobs or changes to existing jobs.

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Inventory Control Management & Serialized Inventory

ServiceLedger offers complete inventory control, allowing you to track inventory by multiple locations and/or trucks. ServiceLedger also offers in-depth tracking of serialized inventory and inventory kits. You have the ability to speicify minimum quantities on hand and automatically reorder items when they fall below their minimum quantities. At any time you can see how much you have sold of any item, who you sold it to, and how profitable the item is.

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Equipment Service & Preventative Maintenance Management

If you service equipment or perform preventative maintenance service on equipment, ServiceLedger offers extensive functionality to help you track the service history for all equipment, manage all preventative maintenance schedules, and record all invoice charges, costs, and components for each piece of equipment serviced. The powerful preventative maintenance scheduler allows you to easily view and schedule preventative maintenance service that is due for any given period of time.>

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Service Contract & Warranty Management

If you sell service or warranty contracts to your customers, ServiceLedger offers very robust and flexible service contract management that can handle the invoicing and costing of each contract so you can quickly determine the profitability of each contract. You can easily define the coverage of any contract ranging from partial coverage to full coverage, and anything in between. ServiceLedger will let you know what is and is not covered on any service contract so that nothing is ever wrongly charged to a service contract.

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Sales Quoting & Estimate Management

ServiceLedger offers extensive sales quoting and estimate management functionality, including the ability to generate sales forecasts, track reason codes on why you won or lost business, and more. Each quote can easily be converted into a work order or invoice with a click of a button, allowing for easy transfer of quoted items to the work order or invoice.

Accounts Receivables Management

ServiceLedger offers robust account receivables management, allowing you to generate contract invoices, service invoices, recurring invoices, and progress invoices. All invoices can be automatically emailed to your customers. Invoices can be printed out of ServiceLedger or sent to your accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree. In addition, ServiceLedger can print AIA 702 and 703 worksheets.

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Accounts Payables Management

ServiceLedger offers robust account payables management, allowing you to manage your vendors, generate purchase orders, receive vendor bills, and issue vendor credits. Purchase orders can automatically be emailed to your vendors. Vendor bills and vendor credits can be printed out of ServiceLedger or sent to accounting software like QuickBooks or Peachtree.

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Accounting Integration With QuickBooks, Peachtree, & Sage 50

ServiceLedger offers you a turnkey business solution when integrated with QuickBooks or Peachtree. Additionally, ServiceLedger offers you the ability to export all financial data into either Excel or .CSV spreadsheet formats, allowing you to easily import into any other accounting software system that accepts imports.

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Service & Job Tracking

ServiceLedger is consistently recognized as a powerful service tracking tool, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that no job will ever be forgotten. With powerful email notification reminders and an escalation view, you can quickly identify all of your jobs and their current status. ServiceLedger makes managing and tracking your jobs easy with different views, email notifications and escalation reminders to let you know when jobs are in danger of becoming past-due.

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Resource Tracking & Time Management

Resource tracking and time management is an important component of ServiceLedger, allowing you to track your resources and what jobs they are scheduled on for each day, week or month, what their current workload is and their capacity to perform additional jobs, tracking utilization and efficiency against established benchmarks and more.

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Resource Expense & Commission Management

ServiceLedger allows you to easily track resource expense and commissions on jobs and provides automated functions to allow you to generate expense and commission reports. All expenses and commission reports can be printed or exported into a file that you can import into your accounting system.

Reporting & Information Management

ServiceLedger has powerful reporting and information management tools to help you quickly get critical information that can help you make more informed business decisions. You can easily identify your best customers, most profitable jobs and service contracts, and even receive notifications that can alert you to unprofitable jobs and service contracts. Additionally, ServiceLedger can assist you in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your organization in an effort to decrease and control costs. All of our reporting is accomplished with Crystal Reports, giving you access to a wealth of resources on report writing, modification, and creation. There is no limit to the types of reports you can generate from ServiceLedger using Crystal Reports.

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Technician Web Portal

The ServiceLedger Technician Web Portal allows your technicians to access ServiceLedger in the field, in real-time, from any device to receive, update and complete their work orders. Technicians can capture digital signatures, print a copy of the work order to leave with the customer, and even assign or request for parts to be ordered to complete a job. The Tech Web Portal can be easily customized to show more information for your technicians, provide more functionality for your technicians out in the field, or restrict what a technician can do or see in the field.

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Customer Web Portal

The ServiceLedger Customer Web Portal allows your customers to access ServiceLedger and view their work orders, invoices, quotes and estimates, and more, as well as generate service requests themselves. The Customer Web Portal can be easily customized to show more information for your customers or restrict what you want your customers to do or see.

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Saving Time and Money with ServiceLedger

Our solutions are designed to simplify your operation and save you time and money. Our philosophy is to simplify all processes, allowing you to accomplish more in less time using ServiceLedger. ServiceLedger is designed to streamline your operation by eliminating multiple steps or manual processes you may have down to one or two steps within ServiceLedger. Furthermore, ServiceLedger Custom Services Group can work with you to further adapt ServiceLedger to meet any specific need or address any specific workflow process you may have.

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Using ServiceLedger to Maximize Profitability

ServiceLedger has been proven to help you increase revenue and decrease costs and can typically pay for itself in a matter of weeks or months. ServiceLedger helps you increase revenue by tracking and identifying revenue opportunities that you might miss otherwise, as well as simplified procedures to ensure that you invoice for all the work you perform. ServiceLedger helps you decrease costs by maximizing your efficiency, simplifying your operation and allowing you to get more done in less time.

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ServiceLedger Add-on Solutions

ServiceLedger offers a variety of add-on modules to help you get more out of your ServiceLedger investment. The following add-ons can easily be added on to your ServiceLedger Service Management System and provide you with more functionality specific to sales, your helpdesk team, your repair team and managing orders and RMAs.

New Features in ServiceLedger 2018

ServiceLedger 2018 is our premium service management solution, with dozens of powerful on top of a proven solution with 18 years of market placement. Review the points below to find out more about how ServiceLedger 2018 can help you grow your business.

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