ServiceLedger White Papers

Purchase Order and Payables Management Software Made Easy

ServiceLedger provides robust purchasing and payables management functionality so that you can generate purchase orders for inventory, sub-contractors, and more. ServiceLedger provides an Automatic Purchasing List that automatically generates purchase orders based upon minimum and re-order quantities and provides a Job Purchasing List so that you can see the items you need to purchase before completing any job.

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Key Capabilities

Below you will find information on the most common features of the payables management function with sample screenshots. If you have any other questions regarding our service dispatching software, please do not hesitate to call us at 940.497.2834 or email us at

Vendor Window

The Vendor Window allows you to manage your vendors and track all purchase orders and bills. ServiceLedger will automatically calculate your payables owed to the vendor. Vendors can include sub-contractors, allowing you to manage your payables to your sub-contractors in addition to your parts and materials vendors.

Purchase Order

ServiceLedger allows you to create purchase orders and track all information on the purchase order including items purchased, expected and promise dates, ship-to information and more. All items received updates purchase order information and item information if the item costs is different from the purchase order cost. Updates all inventory information. Items can be received to different inventory locations, including trucks, to properly update inventory balances for inventory locations.

Automatic Purchasing List

The Automatic Purchasing List allows you to generate multiple purchase orders to different vendors from one window with one click of a button. Automatic Purchasing will alert you of any items that need to be purchased based upon minimum and reorder quantities and any items that need to be purchased because you have sold more than you have in stock.

Job Purchasing List

The Job Purchasing List alerts you to items you need to purchase to complete any job and is perfect for any organization that generally purchases parts and materials for jobs prior to scheduling the job. From the job, you can see the status of each purchase order associated with the job so that your dispatcher can schedule jobs according to parts avaiability. Any costs related to the purchase order will automatically update job costing.

Customized Purchase Orders

ServiceLedger ships with a standard purchase order form showing the most common purchasing information, and can be easily customized to include your logo. Our advanced report building team can work with you to design a form that includes any other information you'd like to appear or implement the form you already use.