ServiceLedger White Papers

Service Tracking and Job Tracking Software Made Easy

ServiceLedger allows for automated tracking of your work orders and jobs and ensures that no job falls through the cracks.  All jobs are tracked via statuses and escalates based upon pre-defined criteria.  You can track your new jobs, past-due jobs, completed jobs and/or any other jobs via your service queues that are constantly reminding you of the current progress of any job and what you need to do.

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Key Capabilities

Below you will find information on our most common functions of the service tracking and job tracking function with sample screenshots.  If you have any other questions regarding our service tracking software, please do not hesitate to call us at 940.497.2834 or email us at

Today Queue

Instantly check on the status of any job that requires immediate attention via the Today Snapshot Queue that allows you to see jobs scheduled for Today, New Jobs Awaiting To Be Scheduled, Past-Due Jobs and Completed Jobs Awaiting To Be Invoiced.  The Today Snapshot allows you to open up any status, see a listing of all jobs and drill-down to the job information with a click of a button.

Service Queue

The Service Snapshot Queue allows you to get a detailed account of all jobs in progress including jobs on hold or by custom status if you define your own job statuses.  You can drill-down into any status, get a listing of all jobs and drill-down to the job information with a click of a button.

Work Order List

The Work Order List allows you to search on any job regardless of status by any field you wish to search by.  It provides a complete listing of all jobs and can be filtered to meet any filter criteria you select.  From the Work Order List you can create jobs, export a job list to Excel or in .csv format and print a listing of all jobs.  The Work Order List can be filtered by tech allowing you to report or print on jobs assigned to a specific tech.