ServiceLedger 2017 New Functions and Features:

ServiceLedger 2017 continues our focus on improving the speed and ease of use of common user windows with a variety of features suggested by our customers to make ServiceLedger more useful, continues our focus on performance in large databases, and provides improved compatibility with modern systems. As with all versions, we have found new ways to help our customers save time and money with ServiceLedger and new ways for our customers to increase revenue, decrease costs and improve their profitability.

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Note: ServiceLedger 2017 will continue to add new functions and features throughout the year with our new subscription model. Please check back regularly for further updates./p>


ServiceLedger 2017 is our most current version. ServiceLedger 2017 will continue to have new functions and features added throughout 2017 with several new functions and features slated to be added this Fall.

ServiceLedger 2017 now fully supports Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2016, and can be installed on on operating systems up to Windows Server 2016.

ServiceLedger 2017 fully supports QuickBooks 2017 and Sage 50 (Peachtree) 2017.

ServiceLedger 2017 includes improved support for Microsoft Office 365 as an email server.

Feature Highlights

As with all new versions, ServiceLedger 2017 contains major and improvements throughout the software. Some key improvements are called out here, and a full list of changes is available below.


Most record lists will now allow you to set which statuses should be shown by default. The “Show All” button will continue to provide access to all records regardless of what defaults you choose.


The user, technician, and item, and equipment windows now support the addition of identifying photos.

Customer Alerts

Customer alerts now support custom colors. You can set the desired color using the color button beside the Add Alert button.

Customer alerts can now be shown as a sidebar instead of a pop-up, allowing you to continue seeing alerts even while entering a work order, estimate, or other associated record.

Time Entries

Tech Work Entry window has been redesigned for easier entry and navigation, including keyboard shortcuts for quicker movement between fields.


All emails generated from the ServiceLedger program are now logged and recorded.

The signature field on the user window now supports HTML signatures and is used more consistently throughout the system.

Messages are now always composed in HTML (with a plain text alternative view available) and now support inline images. For automatic emails, text templates support inline images as well.

Serial Number Data Entry

The process for entering serial numbers on inventory transactions has been significantly improved. It is now possible to see all serial numbers and, for removals or transfers, choose the desired serial numbers from a dropdown list.

Map-based Scheduling & Dispatch

ServiceLedger 2017 adds support for a Google Maps add-on that allows instant side-by-side visualization technician routes using Google’s powerful mapping tools (separate licensing applies).

All Changes

General Reporting Customers Jobs Contracts Receivables/Invoicing Estimating Users User Experience Improvements

While fixes are not feature enhancements, customers do like to know if any annoying issues were resolved. While the list is long, the following fixes were applied in this version:

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